New TV Ad "Potential" Highlights Bustos' Efforts To Create Good-Paying Jobs In Illinois

Watch New Ad “Potential” HERE

Today, Cheri Bustos for Congress launched "Potential," a new TV ad that highlights Cheri's efforts to create good-paying jobs here at home in Illinois. The ad focuses on Cheri's efforts to bring a new job-creating Manufacturing Lab to our state, her leadership in helping to open Thomson prison, which will create 1,100 jobs in our region, and her fight to ensure American flags purchased with taxpayer dollars are stamped "Made in the USA." 

To watch the campaign's new ad that illustrates Cheri's focus on creating local jobs and her belief in Illinois workers, click HERE. The new spot is airing today in Rockford, Peoria and the Quad Cities.

Cheri represents Illinois’ 17th Congressional District in Congress and lives in East Moline with her husband, Gerry.  They have three grown children.


Visual                                                      Audio



Open on Cheri Bustos in empty factory.

Super: Cheri Bustos


Drawing of manufacturing equipment animates on to screen.


Cut to manufacturing employees at work.

Super: Manufacturing Lab


Cut to Cheri to camera. Graphic ticker of 1,100 Jobs animates onto screen. 

Super: 1,100 New Jobs


Cut to shots of American flags flying atop flagpoles and American flag on display in manufacturing plant. 

Super: Made in the U.S.A.


Cut to Cheri to camera.

Machinery component animates onto screen.




Cheri Bustos (mix of VO and sync):

Some people see an empty factory. 



I see potential jobs.



It’s why I helped lead the effort to bring a Manufacturing Lab to Illinois.



Helped secure the opening of Thomson prison, creating eleven-hundred jobs.


And demanded that taxpayer-funded flags actually be made in America. 




Because instead of creating jobs in China, we should be creating jobs right here.


I’m Cheri Bustos, and I approve this message because Illinois is worth fighting for.