Granddaughter of World War II Veteran: "We turned to Cheri Bustos. Once Cheri got involved, things were done like that."

Watch New Ad “Pension” HERE

Today, Cheri Bustos for Congress launched “Pension," the campaign's second television ad.  The ad highlights the story of World War II veteran William Thomas of Fenton, Ill. and his granddaughter, Kate Delaney, a Navy veteran also from Fenton, who turned to Cheri for help when the VA erroneously declared William deceased, which put his pension at risk.  Within a month of turning to Cheri for help, William had his pension and peace of mind back.

To watch the new ad which started airing in Rockford, Peoria and the Quad Cities today, click HERE.

To watch Cheri’s first ad, “Flag,” click HERE.

Cheri represents Illinois’ 17th Congressional District in Congress and lives in East Moline with her husband Gerry.  They have three grown children and two grandchildren.



                  Visual                                                      Audio

Open on Kate Delaney and her grandfather William Thomas looking at military photos of the two of them.



Super: William Thomas & Kate Delaney


Cut between them in interview on couch together.








Cut between Cheri, William, and Kate talking at table, and William and Kate to camera in interview. Super:

Cheri Bustos



Cut to Cheri, William, and Katherine walking outside. [Bustos logo]

Kate VO: It makes me proud to think about my family’s service.


I served in the Navy.


William VO: And I served during World War Two.


Kate Sync: One day, grandpa told me he got a letter from the VA. They thought he had died, and he wouldn’t be receiving his pension.


William Sync: Well, I was kind of flabbergasted. I didn’t even go to my own funeral.


Kate Sync: So we turned to Cheri Bustos. Once Cheri got involved, things were done [snaps] like that. Within a month, he had his pension back. Cheri Bustos cares about veterans.


Bustos VO: I’m Cheri Bustos and I approve this message.