New TV Ad "Family" Highlights Bustos' Efforts to Bring Midwest Common Sense to Washington

Watch New Ad “Family” HERE

Today, Cheri Bustos for Congress released "Family," a new TV ad that highlights Cheri's efforts to bring Midwestern common sense to Washington. The ad features Cheri's family and discusses the challenges and opportunitiesmany Illinois families face when starting a family and raising kids. It also focuses on Cheri's common sense, bipartisan push to cut government waste and abuse to protect middle class priorities like Social Security, Medicare and Veterans' programs.  

To watch the campaign's new ad, click HERE. The new spot is airing today in Rockford, Peoria and the Quad Cities.

Cheri represents Illinois’ 17th Congressional District in Congress and lives in East Moline with her husband, Gerry. They have three grown children.



Cheri VO: My husband Gerry is a cop.

Starting out, we worked opposite shifts to feed our boys.

Like a lot of families, we’ve seen good times, and tough times.

We’d sit around the table and tighten our belt when needed.

Washington should too.

That’s why I pushed to cut government waste. So we can protect Social Security, Medicare and our veterans.

I’m Cheri Bustos and I approve this message because Washington could use some Midwestern common sense.