New TV Ad "Basketball" Highlights Bustos' Efforts To Give Middle Class Fair Shot

Watch New Ad “Basketball” HERE

Today, Cheri Bustos for Congress launched a new TV ad that highlights Cheri's fight to cut wasteful spending so we can protect Social Security and end tax breaks for corporations that ship Illinois jobs overseas.  "Basketball" makes clear that Cheri's priority is to give the "middle class a fair shot." 

To watch the campaign's third ad that illustrates Cheri's advocacy on behalf of her region of Illinois click HERE.  The spot is airing today in Rockford, Peoria and the Quad Cities.

Cheri represents Illinois’ 17th Congressional District in Congress and lives in East Moline with her husband, Gerry.  They have three grown children.


Visual                                                      Audio


Team of kids 8-12 years old (mix of girls and boys) trying to play basketball.  A couple of  men in suits block every shot and foul the kids.  










Cut back to politicians sitting on the bench, sweaty.



Cut to Cheri. 



Cheri passes the ball to one of the kids (behind the back pass)



Cheri VO: Too often it seems like Washington rigs the game.


They look out for the big money guys.


And block any chance for the middle class to win.


Cheri Sync: It’s why I’ve fought to cut wasteful spending – so we can protect Social Security and Medicare. 


Cheri VO: And why I’m working to end tax breaks for corporations shipping jobs overseas.  So we create jobs here in America.  


Cheri Sync: I’m Cheri Bustos and I approve this message…


Cheri VO:  because it’s time to give the middle class a fair shot.