Laid-Off Worker to Ex-Congressman Schilling: Who Are You Calling a Liar?

Workers Whose Job Is Now In China Punches Back After Schilling Refers to Video As "Lie"

Today, the worker who confronted Bobby Schilling in the video showing him turning his back on workers which the ex-Congressman recently called a “lie,” released the following statement:

“When my job was being shipped to China, I turned to Congressman Bobby Schilling,” said Tom Gaulrapp, a 33 year former employee of Sensata Technologies in Freeport. “What did he do? He turned his back on us and walked out of the room.  Now he’s calling me a liar?  It sounds like Bobby's in denial.  Schilling not only abandoned Illinois working families while in office, but when I gave him a chance to stand with workers and against outsourcing, he walked away. The video is clear Bobby, and so was your disrespect, so who exactly are you calling a liar?”

In a town hall meeting in September 2012, Sensata Technologies workers from Freeport whose jobs were being shipped overseas asked Congressman Schilling if he supported the “Bring American Jobs Home Act,” common-sense legislation that would close tax loopholes for companies that send jobs overseas and create tax incentives for companies to bring jobs back home. Rather than answering their question, Congressman Schilling turned his back on these workers and walked away.

Media wishing to speak with Tom Gaulrapp for further comment should respond to this release with deadline and contact information.