From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Our victory was due to your ceaseless support. You made calls, you knocked on doors, you contributed what you could to help us get our message out and you spread the word by talking to your family and friends.

In short, this is your victory.

I'm so proud of all this campaign accomplished. We came from a double-digit deficit in the polls to pull off a fantastic win. We won because our campaign was focused on the right priorities. This is a victory for people over politics, Illinois over ideology and getting things done over gridlock. 

As Gerry and I traveled this district over the past 18 months, we had the opportunity to meet many amazing people with stories that have touched me deeply. Lonnie from the Quad-Cities whose job at Norcross was shipped to China. Mabel in Peoria who lives in a senior center on a fixed income and was worried about the end to Medicare's guaranteed benefit. And Dot who joined us at our victory party last night. Dot has worked for more than 40 years at Sensata and now, when she is 62 years old, her job is being shipped to China. She was going to lose her job before Christmas, but management just informed her that she can stay through January to clean the plant on her hands and knees.

This victory is for Dot, Lonnie and Mabel. It's for working people across the 17th District who want common sense in Washington and a Congress that will get things done.

My family and I have been humbled and honored by the support we've received across the region.

Thank you. I look forward to serving as your next member of Congress.

Kindest Personal Regards,