FLASHBACK VIDEO: Bobby Schilling Turns Back on Illinois Workers Whose Jobs Were Being Shipped to China

Stunning Display of Disrespect from Schilling Found HERE

Today, Cheri Bustos for Congress issued a "flashback" alert on the two year anniversary of ex-Congressman Bobby Schilling's walking out on Illinois workers whose jobs were shipped to China. This flashback is a reminder not only of his stunning display of disrespect, but Schilling's wrong priorities for Illinois working families. 

"When Illinois workers needed help saving their jobs, ex-Congressman Bobby Schilling turned his back and walked out on them. And, even worse, Schilling still supports the failed policies that shipped their jobs to China,” said Colin Milligan, Communications Director for Cheri Bustos for Congress. "Ex-Congressman Schilling's inexcusable behavior and anti-middle class record may please the Tea Party, but Illinois workers deserve better."

Two years ago today, Schilling literally turned his back on Sensata Technologies (a company owned by Bain Capital) workers from Freeport whose jobs were being shipped overseas to China because of unfair trade policies that Schilling supports that reward companies for outsourcing jobs. 

Specifically, the workers asked Schilling if he would support the “Bring American Jobs Home Act” – common-sense legislation that would closes tax loopholes for companies that send jobs overseas and create tax incentives for companies to bring jobs back home. The workers got their answer when he refused to answer, turned his back on them, and walked out the door.