Flashback: Schilling’s Failed Record on Education

Schilling Voted For Drastic Education Cuts for Teachers, Head Start, and Pell Grants

Today, ahead of Cheri Bustos’ endorsement by the Illinois Education Association, the Bustos campaign issued a  “flashback” alert to remind Illinois working families of ex-Congressman Schilling’s failed education policy and upside down priorities. While he was in Congress, Schilling voted for a draconian budget plan that cut 55,000 teachers and teacher assistants from schools, dropped 218,000 children from the Head Start Program, and slashed investments in the Pell Grant program that helps make college more affordable.

“When it comes to education, Bobby Schilling’s priorities are upside down and anti-middle class,” said Colin Milligan, the Bustos for Congress Communications Director. “Providing a quality education to our children is one of the most important responsibilities we have as a nation, and when given the chance, Bobby Schilling got it all wrong. He voted for dangerous cuts that would have harmed students, cut teacher jobs and made college less affordable, showing once again he is not looking out for Illinois working families." 


In 2011, Schilling voted for HR 1, which included $61 billion in draconian cuts for a continuing resolution to finish fiscal year 2011.

The cuts slashed the maximum Pell Grant by $845; would drop 218,000 children from the Head Start program; would cut 55,000 teachers and teacher assistants from schools; could result in 5,500 fewer researchers compared to FY 2010 funding and 20,000 fewer researchers compared to the FY 2011 request; cut $1.6 billion from the National Institutes of Health; cut $250 million border security technology funding; and would result in a total loss of 700,000 jobs. [Democratic Leader press release]