Schilling struggles to answer tough questions about how his plans hurt the middle class

Democratic congressional candidate Cheri Bustos' strong performance in tonight's Peoria debate makes clear that she is the best person to fight for middle class families, and that she has the right priorities to represent Illinois' 17th District in Congress.

Schilling, on the other hand, struggled all evening, and particularly boggled  an exchange in which a panelist asked how we can balance the budget without hurting the middle class.  Bustos held Schilling accountable for his record to end Medicare's guarantee, cut college aid and protect tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.

"It was a clean sweep. At every debate, Cheri Bustos showed she has the right priorites, and that Congressman Schilling has the wrong priorities for the region,” said Bustos Campaign Manager Allison Jaslow. “Congressman Schilling voted twice to end Medicare’s guaranteed benefit to pay for tax breaks to millionaires and companies that outsource. Cheri Bustos will protect Medicare, make job creation her top priority and end incentives for companies that ship jobs overseas."

The most recent public poll shows Bustos with a 4-point lead over the incumbent.
Clear Difference of Priorities on Medicare

Schilling voted to end Medicare’s guaranteed benefit.  Schilling's irresponsible votes for the Ryan Budget would end Medicare’s guaranteed benefit and, according to the Congressional Budget Office, force seniors to pay an additional $6,400 out of pocket for coverage. The Ryan-Schilling Budget cuts more than $700 billion from Medicare.

Bustos will protect Medicare.  Bustos will preserve and protect Medicare and Social Security. She believes we can save money by coordinating health services, using cost-effective electronic medical records and allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices.
Clear Difference of Priorities on Jobs

Schilling stands up for outsourcers, not workers.  Schilling supports keeping tax loopholes that encourage companies to ship jobs overseas.  He also supports keeping tax giveaways for Big Oil companies and millionaires, but raising taxes on the middle class.

Bustos will make creating jobs the top priority.  Bustos will end the tax breaks that encourage outsourcing, and create tax incentives to bring jobs home.  Bustos supports the Bring Jobs Home Act, which received bipartisan support in the Senate but has failed to make it through gridlock in the House.  She favors fair trade policies that identify markets for our goods but create a level playing field for the American worker by making sure our trading partners are play by the rules.