Bustos Campaign: Videos Don't Lie, Schilling's Disrespect of Illinois Workers is Clear

Schilling Claims Video Of Him Turning His Back On Workers Whose Jobs Are Now In China Is A "Lie"

Today, Colin Milligan, the Communications Director for Cheri Bustos for Congress, released the following statement after ex-Congressman Bobby Schilling said in an interview yesterday that video showing him literally turning his back on Illinois workers is a "lie."

"Videos don't lie. When Illinois workers needed help saving their jobs, ex-Congressman Bobby Schilling turned his back on them, both literally and figuratively,” said Colin Milligan, Communications Director for Cheri Bustos for Congress. "Now, in a desperate attempt to cover up his utter disrespect of these workers, Schilling is claiming that clear video evidence is a 'lie.'  As hard as he may try to paper it over, Ex-Congressman Schilling's inexcusable behavior and anti-middle class record is something he just can't escape from."

In September of 2012, Schilling literally turned his back on Sensata Technologies (a company owned by Bain Capital) workers from Freeport whose jobs were being shipped overseas to China because of unfair trade policies that Schilling supports that reward companies for outsourcing jobs. 

Specifically, the workers asked Schilling if he would support the “Bring American Jobs Home Act” – common-sense legislation that would close tax loopholes for companies that send jobs overseas and create tax incentives for companies to bring jobs back home. The workers got their answer when he refused to answer, turned his back on them, and walked away.