Schilling Lies Continue With Deceitful Mail Campaign

Friday, Congressman Bobby Schilling’s campaign sent mailers to Democrats which imply that the Tea Party Congressman is a Democrat. The deceitful campaign ploy comes from a Congressman who told a Tea Party crowd last month, “The America that you and I know will dissipate if Barack Obama is re-elected.”’
"This is just another chapter in book of lies from the Schilling campaign. This is appalling behavior from a sitting U.S. Congressman, and it’s apparent that Bobby Schilling will stop at nothing to get re-elected," said Bustos Campaign Manager Allison Jaslow. "It's reprehensible that Congressman Bobby Schilling will go to such lengths to save his own job, but stands idly by as American jobs continue to be shipped overseas."

Outraged Democrats from across the Illinois' 17th Congressional District called the Bustos Campaign Friday afternoon to complain about the deceptive Schilling mailers.

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