Rep. Schilling's Failed Priorities: Tax Dollars to Promote Re-Election, Not Providing Critical Services to Illinois

Schilling in the Top 1.84% of Congressional Mail Spenders

While spending twice as much of taxpayers’ dollars as his predecessor and more than all but eight other members of Congress on campaign style-mailings, Congressman Bobby Schilling is now defending cutting constituent services in order to pay for his aggressive political mail program. The Galesburg Register-Mail reported that Congressman Schilling stands by spending more than $300,000 in taxpayer dollars on campaign-style mailings and cutting outreach services, even though constituents count on them for help with Social Security, Medicare and veterans’ issues.

Cheri Bustos, Democratic candidate for the 17th Congressional District, called on Congressman Schilling to reimburse taxpayers the $316,180 he spent on election-style mailings from his campaign account.

“Why is Congressman Schilling spending more than $300,000 of our taxpayer dollars to get himself re-elected, but he is willing to cut  services that help Illinois families get their veterans’ benefits, Social Security and Medicare?” asked Cheri Bustos. “Congressman Schilling’s rhetoric on spending just doesn’t match his record. It’s clear Congressman Schilling has the wrong priorities for Illinois. Time and again he asks the middle class to make sacrifices while he abuses taxpayer dollars for the benefit of special interests—and himself.”

Butos continued, “Congressman Schilling should return to taxpayers the hundreds of thousands of dollars we are due for campaigning on our dime. I have a different set of priorities -- I will reduce the debt the right way, by cutting wasteful spending, ending tax breaks for millionaires and oil companies, and protecting Social Security and Medicare for people who worked a lifetime for them."

The Quad-City Times first reported that Congressman Schilling had spent $316,180 on glossy, election-style mailings in his first year—more than all but eight other members of Congress. That puts him in the top 1.84 percent of mail spenders in all of Congress.

Cheri Bustos is a working mother with three grown sons and is the wife of a captain with the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department.



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