Jobs and the Economy

We need to get America back to work.   Too many families are struggling today, and for too long, politicians have looked out for themselves and their friends, instead of looking out for the middle class.  Worse, Republicans in Congress seem more focused on scoring political points than working together to create jobs and get our economy back on track.

In addition to strong and growing businesses, we need strong and healthy labor organizations.  I believe without labor unions we would not have a middle class – and today both are shrinking.  We must turn that around.

That’s why I have released a jobs plan and announced my campaign with a proposal to create a “Manufacturing Triangle” to focus our area on innovation and rebuilding our manufacturing base.

Revitalizing the Manufacturing Sector

We need to focus not just on lowering the unemployment rate, but ensuring the jobs created provide livable wages and good benefits.  That means manufacturing jobs.

Manufacturing Triangle.  On day one of my campaign, I discussed the creation of a “Manufacturing Triangle.”  We must promote manufacturing and innovation in America – and right here we have three great anchors in the Quad Cities, Rockford and Peoria.  We have the skilled work force, the infrastructure and the innovative capacity to make this region a hub of manufacturing growth, and I will work hard to promote the region.

Level the playing field. America has the best workers in the world, but they compete on an uneven playing field that results in our jobs being shipped to China, India and other countries around the world. We should end unfair trade deals, and we should repeal incentives for corporations to move jobs overseas.  .

Helping Small Business Expand

I will host an annual Economic Summit, bringing together leaders from the district in business, labor, agriculture, health care and education to brainstorm how to attract new jobs and development and assist businesses in job growth.  Most job growth comes from small businesses, and I plan to have a small business advocate on my Congressional staff who will work full-time to listen to small business concerns, help them seek contracting opportunities in the federal government and work with them to seek opportunities in the global marketplace.   I also support permanent extension of research and development tax credit that is vital for investing in the innovation economy and stimulating small business and entrepreneurs.  And we should examine regulations for businesses with fewer than 100 employees.  Many federal rules are onerous for small businesses without expertise and staff to fill out paperwork.



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