Bustos Takes Lead in New Poll As Independent Voters Abandon Schilling

A new poll released today shows Cheri Bustos claiming the lead in her effort to defeat incumbent Tea Party Congressman Bobby Schilling. The survey also shows that independent voters are running fast in Bustos’ direction as they learn more about how Cheri’s priorities differ from Congressman Schilling’s record of protecting tax breaks for outsourcers and his plan to force seniors to pay $6400 more for their Medicare.
“It’s becoming abundantly clear to Illinois voters that Cheri Bustos is the candidate who is focused on the right priorities. They reject Congressman Schilling’s plan to end the Medicare guarantee and his votes for tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas,” said Bustos campaign manager Allison Jaslow. “Voters understand that Rep. Schilling has the wrong priorities for Illinois. Cheri Bustos’ plan to fix Washington’s priorities and create jobs here at home continues to gain support.”
According to a survey of 400 likely voters, Bustos leads Schilling 45-44. Among Independent voters, Bustos has surged, turning a 21 point deficit in August into a 39-37 lead. This poll comes a week after another poll showed the race in a dead heat and solidifies that the artificial 13-point lead that Congressman Schilling touted in August has evaporated.

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