Affordable Health Care

My sister-in-law, Barb, died just over a year ago without health insurance.  Barb and her husband both worked full-time but couldn’t afford health insurance.  When Barb got sick, she couldn’t afford the most effective cancer treatment she needed. 

Even those with insurance aren’t immune. A few months later my brother, Danny, died, leaving a wife and two daughters. He was fully insured. Yet his health plan wouldn't cover his treatment because he had cancer that required an experimental drug.  I will fight for people like Barb and Danny.  They are a major reason why I’m running for Congress.

The new reform law is not perfect, but makes real improvements in our health care system.  It lowers costs for small businesses and makes sure you have coverage that cannot be taken away.  It stops insurance companies from denying coverage of pre-existing conditions and allows children to stay on their parents’ health insurance for longer.

I will oppose any attempts to repeal these needed reforms.  Instead, we should fix what does not work and pass further improvements that focus on lowering costs, while preserving patient choice and quality.  That means allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies for lower prescription prices.  And it means continuing to modernize health care delivery that we can reduce bureaucracy and administrative spending while reducing medical errors.  We can save money and, more importantly, save lives.


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